who the f***
are we? :)

Sillages Paris is the Haute Parfumerie 3.0 that will make you say, “What the F*** ?”
Today’s top ten fragrances worldwide are worn by almost a quarter of perfume customers. When dozens of millions of people smell just like you, it’s much less, well, special.

At Sillages Paris, we’re reviving the French high perfumery heritage by creating fragrances that are both extraordinarily luxurious and unique to each wearer, and we’re making them accessible to all thanks to digital.

Each person is different so each fragance should be different

For us, a fragrance should be created for one person, not for one market.
Thanks to Sillages Paris, you can create a fragrance tailored for you, online, with the assistance of our perfumers (we call them our supernoses).

Your own haute parfumerie fragrance, chosen effortlessly, for a fair price… you better go get some champagne!

Maxime Garcia Janin
Maxime in a tweet
After 3 years working for the biggest luxury brands, Maxime decided it was time to make fragrances relevant for people of his generation. The result is his own brand: Sillages Paris!
Born with a big smile.
He has THE idea, after (a few) drinks with his friends (and still with a smile)

“At Sillages Paris, we create special fragrances for special people”

What the f*** is this ?

How does it work ?

I create my fragrance by selecting 6 ingredients. All suggested matches belong to formulas made by the supernoses: I can’t be wrong

I discover my personal Sillages. I order and get a unique url link.

I receive three samples with my bottle (one sample of my Sillages, and two samples of other Sillages that I might like).

I try my Sillages sample on. If it’s love at first smell, I open my bottle. If not, I try on the two other samples selected just for me.

If I like one of those two samples, I order my new bottle online. If not, I can go back on the website to create a new Sillages.

In any case, I send back my unopened Sillages bottle for free. I get a full refund.

I share pictures and videos of my Sillages on social media. I add my unique url link in the descriptions. The more my friends click on my link, the more amazing gifts I get!

New generation perfumers

We strongly believe that young people have gifts that can change the world! Therefore, to create truly different fragrances, we trust young, talented perfumers with fresh, modern noses.

Amélie Jacquin
Amélie in a tweet
Amélie is a curious adventurer, and you can feel it! Each of her perfumes is a real journey that will teleport you to wild locations. Go ahead, spend the money you were saving for that world tour ;)
Alex Lee
Alex in a tweet
Alex is, without a doubt, the most Parisian of all Americans. At the crossroads of many cultures, he’s the best at imagining unexpected combinations, and transforming them into surprisingly balanced fragrances.
Mylène Alran
Mylène in a tweet
Mylène creates soothing and addictive fragrances. They might look smooth at the beginning, but each of her creations hides a spirit you can’t forget. Just like her accent from the south of France. ;)
Sébastien Plan
Sébastien in a tweet
Sébastien is the master of natural ingredients, which he often overdoses in his fragrances. He creates olfactive signatures that are nosetaking at the beginning, and heartmelting at the end. Just try to resist.

A stand out brand

Pierre in a tweet
Pierre Katz is the Michelangelo of logos, and the maestro of design. He brought his talent to Sillages Paris, creating our identity from the logo to the bottle.